Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alon's Birthday

Alon's birthday on May 3 was great, and we all got prizes from it. We first got ready for the party, and when Ina got home with a taxi we went to the Quezon Memorial Circle where the party was taking place.

We were immediately greeted by Auntie Peach who is Alon's mother, and we went to the other kids. Zulnun and Alamin immediately joined the other kids while I just sat around for a few minutes but I played with them anyway after-wards.

Then came the games. We were divided into 2 teams in every game. I can't explain correctly what we did in the games so yeah.

Then we ate.

After eating, we all sat and watched Wanlu's show with magic and puppets. The best one was when Alon's dad was the puppet, that was very fun.

After the show we then played more. When the party ended we talked about Minecraft with Alon, and then said goodbye.

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