Friday, April 29, 2011


HeroSmash Beta just launched yesterday morning! HeroSmash is a game made by Artix Entertainment where you "Create a Hero or Super Villian and fight to help your side battle against the enemy. HeroSmash is a Free, massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) built in Flash that you can play in real-time on your web browser without a download! Battle evil (or become evil) as a hero wielding super powers! You can fully customize your hero to wear anything from ice-covered frozen armor, darkness armor with skulls, or even a mechanical robot armor!".
Since I am a BIG, I mean BIG fan of AE I really anticipated the beta release. There was an Alpha release but it was only for people who upgraded their character(s) in one of their other games, and I was not one of those people so I was really exited for the Beta release because it was for all people, Members and Non-Members. I actually waited from 6:30 in the morning for the release (It was released in 8:30 AM in my area but 8:30 PM in theirs) but I was disappointed for a few minutes because of a bug, which didn't allow people to play but they fixed that a few minutes later.
It's a great game for children, teenagers, young adults, adults and even 200 year olds (:P)! But, it's still in Beta so there are still many bugs in the game. Anyway me and brothers are planning to get the founder badge but we need 854 PHP or 20 USD so we are trying to earn as much money as possible. Also the opportunity to be a founder is only limited to 30 days within the Beta release so we're really hurrying to get the money. Also I rate the game 10/10 because it's a great game.

References: click the link if you want to play :)

Also my character:

See you in the game!


  1. salam kaka. goodluck with your savings targets. I'm sure between the three of you you'll be able to raise your 20 USD in record time!

  2. That's right folks, HeroSmash Beta is now live free artix entertainment game card codes. Another browser-based game by Artix Entertainment.