Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Fun Day

I really had fun today on a Minecraft multiplayer server. I first met a guy named ReeNerf who helped me start playing. He even let me live with him in his house! Me and Ree had some adventures which I'll talk about later. The first adventure we had was exploring the area under the overhang which we lived in. I got killed once by a Zombie but I got my items back anyway. The only thing we found there was lots of Coal. After that we did some other adventure which I forgot, but we made a trading shop near spawn. After a while I suggested that we should adventure out and get away from other players which was very hard because other players explored much of the world so we couldn't find a suitable place. But after a long while of adventuring we finally found a perfect spot and made a house there. And that's what me and ReeNerf did today. I hope we meet again tomorrow. Please comment and Follow. Thats all bai!

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  1. we used to explore and play house too when I was younger, but we didn't do it online! i hope you meet up with ree again.