Monday, March 14, 2011

Circumcision Hurts, damn injections

Hello! I just got circumcised with my friend Zakiran at Saturday, it was a memorable day full of pain pills, injections and Counter Strike, lots of Counter Strike. Me and Ama first went to the hospital by taxi which made me dizzy and led to me vomiting in the taxi. When we got there we went to the 3rd floor and waited for so long that i actually slept on the chair. When Zakiran and his dad finally got there they waked me up and we went to a room where we changed our clothes and went to the room where we were going to be circumcised. Zaki took alot of encouragement to stand up, but eventually he stood up and got circumcised. When he was done I immediately gone to the table to get circumcised. The only things that hurt were the injections, which were very painful, the rest I didn't feel. After that we went to a mall and ate pizza that were delicious. When we were finished with that we went to Zaki's home and played Counter Strike the rest of the day.


  1. oh really? Congratulations Alifdin! It sounds like circumcision these days are less brutal than in the old days. When my older brother had his, he had to borrow my skirt for days as he could not wear any shorts or pants ;-)

  2. oh even you had to wear a tadjong (malong) for five days :)