Friday, February 18, 2011

Warcraft 3 Icon MAKING!!!!!!!!!

Hi! As you know (or not), I have learned Warcraft 3 Skin Making. The first skin I made was a Tiger Grunt skin for my map; Legion Wars. The Grunt skin was for the main infantry of the Tigerian Horde.
One of the Heroes of the Tigerian Horde is the Serbian Hunter, and so there is a official icon for it; but, sadly, it hangs Warcraft 3 TFT. So I decided to make a Icon myself a few minutes ago. And so, I made it. I also made the DISBTN for the icon with some encouragement from my mother. So yeah; I'm also going camping with my family tomorrow. So BAI BAI!!!!!!

This link helped a LOT

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  1. This is great Alifdin. You did this with photoshop, is that right? Hey, so where are your skins? Please post them so we can have a nice long look! (-Auntie Lourdes)