Monday, February 21, 2011

Our first camping experience

Hello! Our first camping experience in Tagaytay is something I wont forget for a lot of years. We first waked up and got ready for the trip. After getting ready and eating, we went on our way. The trip to Tagaytay lasted for hours. When we finally met with Ama's Volkswagen Club of the Philippine members, we went to the campsite. There were a lot of buggies!! When we reached the campsite, we unpacked and set up the three tents. We also flown our kite and let the member's kids play too. After a while the kite got stuck in a tree. When it got dark, we cooked dinner: Instant Noodles with quail eggs and Hotdogs. The moon looked so big and yellow D: . After dinner, I roasted some marshmallows; they were yummy ^^. Then, we tried to go to sleep, but me and Alamin couldn't so we decided to wander around. We only got to sleep at about midnight.

When we woke up the sun was rising; it was beautiful! We then got the kite back and flown it again. We also explored the Mini Forest. After a while we had Nestle Honey Stars and more Instant Noodles for breakfast. We then swam in the swimming pool for a few minutes; it was very cold. After getting the kite back, we then packed up and left to go to Market! Market! in Taguig. We met up with uncle Jun-Jun in Market! Market! and went home. There are more to this story, but I will them some time later.

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