Saturday, November 20, 2010

Eid ul Adha 2010!

Eid ul' Adha was very fun! I'll tell you about it in this blog post.

We (me and my family) first waited and got ready at the house (our house), waiting for the the Asaad family. When they came, we then waited for the Wadi family to get home (their home) and spent the time playing with the Asaads. When they (the Wadis) got home (their home) we then got on the van and went to their house (the Wadis' house) they got in the van, and then we went to the target destination: the Arsad house. While on the way there, we bought lots of donuts, but the adults told us "do not eat in the van, the driver might get angry, we'll eat when we get there". But because of this, one of the Asaads (Cassandra specifically) cried. She didn't stop crying until we ate some candy. When we got to the Arsad house we immediately played. Also, I played Badminton for the first time :) ! It was really fun. I also played Counter Strike: Source on their computer. When we got home, a snake entered our house! Our mother captured the snake and put it in a plastic bag. The snake was very small, so we couldn't determine if it was poisonous. After some research, we concluded that it was a harmless baby Philippine Ratsnake. Our mother then released it to a patch of grass somewhere in the neighborhood.

That sure was a fun day, hope to play Badminton again :), See ya!

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