Thursday, November 25, 2010

50th Post! YAY!

Many things have happened that i didn't mention in the last post. This is also my...wait for it.....................wait for it................... 50th POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, yeah let me tell you the events that happened this month that i didn't mention in the last posts. One is: At the end of last month, one of the eggs of our Bantam chicken hatched! The chick is now about 3 weeks. Also one of our cats Maharlicat got pregnant AGAIN!!!! We were just gonna spay her, when she got pregnant again. I also got sick last week. So those are the events that i didn't tell you (out of laziness and forgetfulness(which i wish to overcome)). So-yeah BAI!!!!!

WAIT, (looks in the list of posts) OMG 7 posts are DRAFTS @%$&%@&!&!%^%&^%!@&%!^%^257 (Deletes drafts) well I still need 7 posts to complete 50 posts :P

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