Tuesday, August 16, 2011


MineCon is coming! MineCon 2011 is a celebration of Minecraft releasing on 11/11/11, and is set in Las Vegas, Nevada. The makers of Minecraft, Mojang, will be going and also a lot of famous Minecraft commentators.

I really want to go, but one ticket is 99 USD which in PHP is 4,195 pesos.
So unless my parents allow me to go and buy the ticket for me, I can't go.
But MineCon is yearly, so I can go next year or next, next year (If Minecraft is still famous).

That's much all, and here's the website

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  1. Hey, maybe they have a livecast that you can join, even if you are not there in person. The convention fees are ok but I think the airfare to Nevada would be prohibitive!