Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Hi! I'm showing you people the game called Pirates of the Caribbean Online, or POTCO. It's a fun game that is based on the universe of the Pirates of the Caribbean. It's gameplay consists of customizing characters, captaining ships, completing quests and just being a freaking pirate in the ficitional Disney Caribbean. It's a really cool game, but sadly, to get it's full capabilities (like leveling up to the max level and getting cool things) you need to pay at least once a month :( . But, still It's a great game. I recommend it, 4/5. 4 Because it needs payment to achieve it's full capabilities. Good for Mac users who want to play something great for free. Link

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  1. hi kaka,

    Another post about a computer game! I remember this one takes forever to load. Why is that?

    Anyway you should put tags on your posts, like this should be tagged as "computer game", just like your other posts (Animal Jam, for example), and some could be "Adventures", like your SM trip. That way, you can click on the tag "Computer games" and all entries with that tag will come up. Cool!