Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My birthday on Jan. 11 2011 was awesome :D. First, we got our new Volkswagen Beetle :D. We then went to the dentist and left Alamin, Meemo and Ina at the dentist and went to a car wash. When we got there we got the Volkswagen washed. After it got washed, we realized that we locked ourselves out, but the car washers helped us get in again. We then got Ina and the others and went home. Ina and Ama then went to the shopping center, but before they went I said they should buy ice cream. When they got home, Auntie Nella and her son Momoy also came here with bubble makers. We then ate ice cream and played the bubble makers. After awhile they left and we went to bed a few hours later. And that was what happened yesterday on my 11th birthday.