Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LEGO GUNZ!!!!!!!!!

OHAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made 4 very big LEGO guns, 3 which were destroyed. All of them have functioning magazines. The first one, the pistol lasted long and looked like an ordinary modern pistol. The second one, the shotgun could be loaded with shells (random small LEGO pieces).
The third one, the Sub-Machine Gun was easily destroyed but i fixed it. The fourth one, the MA5b Assault Rifle was made when i destroyed the shotgun and the sub-machine gun. I found the pistol destroyed afterward.
I took pictures of the shotgun but my dad hasn't yet emailed it to me.
So yeah, BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: found the pictures in the spam folder D:. here they are.

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