Tuesday, September 21, 2010

UPDATE!!!!!!!!! DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey! Hello? Anyone there? O Hai!
Another update on my maps! :D

I'm now working on:
Space Wars:
Deleted the old map because it crashes. :( But it's Ok cuz I made it again!
I like to think that Humans, Undead, Night Elves and Orcs are still fighting, in the Space age!

Humans: 40%
Orcs: 0%
Undead: 0%
Night Elves: 0%
Terraining: 100% (I based this on one of the original Blizzard maps)
Humans: 50%
Orcs: 0%
Undead: 0%
Night Elves: 0%
Overall Progress: 35%
Status: Being made

Well nothing other than that tho, so, yeah! BAI!

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