Monday, August 2, 2010

An Update

This is a Update on what happened recently these past months.

First I'll talk about our new kitten, Mittens. He is already 1 month old, here is his picture ^^

Second I'll talk about my WarCraft 3 Projects

My Starcraft Map:
It's almost done, only that there aren't much Zerg buildings around
Map Status: Paused
Terraining: 75%
Units: 69%
Map Progress: 65%

Vampires and Werepeople map:
I have paused this map because i have other projects.
Map Status: Paused
Terraining: 56%
Units: 35%
Map Progress: 47%

PreWorld map:
I like prehistoric Creatures so i decided to make this.
The Models are made by olofmoleman from the HiveWorkshop .
Map Status: Being Made
Terraining: 29%
Units: 33%
Map Progress: 26%

So those things are most of the things I'm doing now :)

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